Off-Campus?  A Brief Explanation

You may be wondering why the URL of a comic titled Dark Genius is instead of Well, the answer is simple. If you've ever been to this site before, you'd know that there was once a comic here called Off-Campus. It was sort of my own version of "How Not To Make a Comic."

First of all, it was a college strip, in a vast sea of God knows how many college strips that make up the Internet. I wanted to make it somewhat different, by crossing over to various other genres, mainly Fantasy, and screwing with the characters' lives from time to time.

Second, there was sort of a lack of a plot. I had a story concept, and a general idea of how I wanted the series to progress, but I wrote nothing about it down, nor did I bother to think things through chapter-by-chapter.

Third, there was no backlog. Yes, in the weeks of waiting for Keenspace to activate my account, I never bothered actually making the comics. This has a little to do with Reason #2 and a little to do with Reason #4. This also meant that when midterms came up very early in the comic's life, I did several art days instead of trying to make a comic. I relaunched the comic a little while later without the art days, but I still didn't bother to make a backlog.

Finally, there were the character designs. Or should I say lack of character designs. This was the main reason why the comic stopped. I had two female characters that I could not make designs for, and they happened to be main characters, and they happened to be appearing in the next comic. I figured I would come up with something eventually. To this day, they still remain without designs.

Off-Campus Act 0.1.1
This was the first O-C comic. Well, technically, it was the second, but the first was just a text prologue. This was the first of the actual comics.

Off-Campus #10
This was made in April of 2004. Yes, after three years, I had managed to make all of ten O-C strips. This was the second of two specials I made after the comic had pretty much died, and is the only strip to be in color.

So, what happens from here? Rich has been sent to Webcomic Hell, but I still like Todd and Phil. They may show up from time to time, but their roles as the main characters, as well as Off-Campus itself, are at an end. It's time for me to move on.

Disclaimer: Dark Genius and Off-Campus story and characters copyright 2001-2004 by J Weekley.
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