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I appologize, but due to the Holidays and family being over and such, Tuesday's comic won't be up until late afternoon/nighttime. It's penciled and partially inked, but I won't be able to finish before bed. Friday's will be up as scheduled.

Well, things are progressing smoothly. The story's starting to pick up, I'm managing to keep on top of the comics, and the site is almost complete. With this update I'll be adding the Links and Archive pages. The Cast page is started, and it will be the next thing added, and the last page needed before completion.
If you do find yourself here, please don't forget to say hi at the forum.

And, thus, it starts. First of three comics in a row. The Cast page will be starting next week. That's all for now.

Well, I went ahead and set up the forum for what it's worth. Now that link works, though what could be discussed in there if left to question. Regardless, the comic launches next Wednesday. December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will all have comics (and all in color), and then it'll go onto the regular schedule of Tuesday and Friday after that.

What the above says is true. I have given up on O-C ever getting back onto its feet, and have come up with a new comic. All the O-C archives have been deleted. The only navigation button up top that works currently is the "Off-Campus?" link. With a starting date of Wednesday, December 1, I will be spending the next month plotting out the plot for the first part of Dark Genius, polishing the website, adding the additional pages as needed, and--most importantly of all--building a backlog of comics so that what happened to Off-Campus does not happen to Dark Genius.
See you in a month.

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